Letchworth Historical Fiction Story Instructions

Your assessment consist of two parts: a source evaluation (1 page) and a piece of historical creative writing (2 sides minimum).

To find out how to achieve your [[#|target]] level in both the evaluation and the creative writing use the assessment chart:

The [[#|instructions]] on how to complete both can be found below.

You will have a choice of four themes for your assessment:
1) The story of a conscientious objector
2) The story of a Belgian refugee
3) The story of a voluneteer soldier from Letchworth
4) The Zeppelin raid on Letchworth

Information and sources for each of the themes can be found on the pages of this site.

1. Source Evaluation
Before writing your story you must carry out some research. To show you have done this you must provide a source evaluation.
Write a pragraph about each source using the sentence starters below. You should aim to do this for 2-3 sources.

The sources can be found on the site pages and are numbered (except for the Zeppelin raid page). Only use sources for your theme i.e. if you are writing about a [[#|volunteer]] soldier only use sources from the 'Volunteers' page. What you need to do in the evaluation depends on your level...

If you are aiming for Level 3/4:
All you need to say is what a source (L3) or a numbe rof sources (L4) have told you about what the war was like.
Try to use the phrases: 'The source shows me..', 'The source suggests...' 'The source describes...'

If you are aiming for L4/5:
Evaluate the source reliability as well as saying what it tells you about the war. When evaluating the reliability of a source consider the nature, origin and purpose.


Try to use phrases like: 'The nature of the source suggests it is reliable/unreliable because...' 'The origin of the source adds to the reliability/unreliability...' 'The purpose of the source suggests it is trustworthy/untrustworthy as...'

HINT: Make sure you EXPLAIN fully how it makes the source reliable or unreliable each time.

If you are aiming for L7/8:
Say how useful the source is for the task you are using it for i.e. as research for your story. You could refer as to how it influenced a particular scene in the story or explain how it provided inspiration for a character.
With usefulness use this phrase: 'the source was useful to my story because...'

2. Creative Writing Piece
You will be marked on:
- Use of authentic period [[#|details]]
- Use of authentic period language
- Use of literary techniques
- An interesting and believable plotline

It must refer to Letchworth and the people of Letchworth.

Beyond this there are no limits to your plotline- it could be a love story, it could be a battle story. It just needs to be authentic- set in a real world War I setting and accurate to the experiences of people who lived and fought in the war. You could write it from the theme of a soldier or from the point of view of those left behind in the town. It could be about wives, girlfriends or children.

To help you write the creative fiction piece use the planning framework:

To find WW1 phrases check out the page on the site.